HVWP Expands Online



After our final Saturday Seminar of the semester, the Co-Directors and veteran members of HVWP conducted a strategy meeting on expanding the organization’s multimedia methods and web presence. Luckily, I got to sit in with them and was respectfully welcomed as a fresh voice representative of a younger generation that consumes via technology. Discussing improvements to their SUNY-hosted website and their experimentation with Twitter account, the round table’s main focus turned to Facebook as the number one social media giant. Deciding to make the transition from a private group to an official page, I am proud to announce you can now ‘Like’ the official Hudson Valley Writing Project public page.

This has become one of my most memorable experiences from interning so far. To not only be treated as an intellectual equal, but also as a unique voice with important insight to share in a group twice my age, is profoundly empowering. Here, I have not only learned about contributing and thriving in the modern workplace, but also have been presented with the recognition of what I can bring to it… what I can TEACH. And this is, in fact, the exact core belief of the Writing Project: Everyone, no matter their circumstances, has the desire to learn AND the capacity to teach.


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