VICE World News – ‘The New Resistance’ | Episode 1

THE NEW RESISTANCE is an intimate look at the ballsy new wave of activists who are disrupting politics and tearing up the rule book about how to change the world.

In this Episode…
In Berlin, Anuna De Wever and fellow climate change activists prepare for an important face-to-face meeting with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. They hope to convince her not to sign a trade agreement with South American countries that would hurt the Amazon forest and push climate change to the top of her political Agenda.

In Tennessee, social justice activist Kennedy Green and her group Teens4Equality join a Women’s March through the streets of Nashville in a show of solidarity. Afterward they discuss how they need to work on growing their organization.

On the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, Indigenous climate activist Tokata Iron Eyes struggles to balance her personal goals and schoolwork while continuing the fight for Indigenous rights and land back.

Refugee rights activist Mohamad Al Jounde travels to his University to share a virtual screening of his documentary about womens’ role in the Syrian revolution. But news of an explosion in Lebanon leaves him uncertain about the fate of the school he started there for Syrian refugees.

I served as Associate Producer for this entire series. Watch more episodes here on my site or visit the playlist on the VICE Life channel: