VICE World News – ‘The New Resistance’ | Episode 2

THE NEW RESISTANCE is an intimate look at the ballsy new wave of activists who are disrupting politics and tearing up the rule book about how to change the world.

In this Episode…
In Utah, after being rejected by her Mormon community for coming out as a lesbian at age 12, LGBTQ+ activist Savannah Skyler talks to her mom and some friends about the concerns of returning to her predominantly Mormon high school.

Mohamad Al Jounde confirms his mother is safe after the Beirut explosion and decides to travel to Lebanon to visit the school they started which is in jeopardy of closing down due to lack of funds.

Tokata Iron Eyes meets with fellow Indigenous activists to start a youth organization that will plan a strategy to return stolen native lands to native people. She gets advice from her dad on how to reconcile the struggles of being an activist, growing up Indigenous and the frustration with slow change.

In Berlin, Anuna de Wever and her fellow activists meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. While they are less optimistic about her taking a radical stand on climate change they celebrate their small victory in convincing her to reject a trade agreement that would harm the Amazon rainforest.

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