VICE World News – ‘The New Resistance’ | Episode 5

THE NEW RESISTANCE is an intimate look at the ballsy new wave of activists who are disrupting politics and tearing up the rule book about how to change the world.

In this Episode…
Mohamad Al Jounde reunites with his mother in Lebanon before visiting the school they founded for Syrian refugees.

In California, Tiana Day and her friends prepare for a social justice/Black Lives Matter rally in a neighboring suburb, and are surprised when Trump supporters show up to counter-protest.

Tokata Iron Eyes
focuses on her creative energy while feeling the weight of continuing the movement for Indigenous people and their land.

Savannah Skyler gets advice from a prominent member of the LGTBQ+ community which sparks an action to create safe spaces inside her school.

I served as Associate Producer for this entire series. Watch more episodes here on my site or visit the playlist on the VICE Life channel: