VICE World News – ‘The New Resistance’ | Episode 7

THE NEW RESISTANCE is an intimate look at the ballsy new wave of activists who are disrupting politics and tearing up the rule book about how to change the world.

In this Episode…
Mohamad Al Jounde returns to Sweden and holds a virtual fundraiser to keep his school for Syrian refugees in Lebanon afloat.

Tiana Day breaks down in response to the latest news in the Breonna Taylor case, but turns her outrage into action by helping to lead a women’s march in San Francisco.

Savannah Skyler reveals her new safe space poster design to her high school GSA and they make a plan to distribute it to teachers to hang in their classrooms at school.

Shaneel Lal helps a young Maori candidate for parliament raise awareness about the ban on conversion therapy.

I served as Associate Producer for this entire series. Watch more episodes here on my site or visit the playlist on the VICE Life channel: