VICE World News – ‘The New Resistance’ | Episode 8

THE NEW RESISTANCE is an intimate look at the ballsy new wave of activists who are disrupting politics and tearing up the rule book about how to change the world.

In this Episode…
In California, Tiana Day casts her first-ever vote in a presidential election. She speaks at an election night event and waits as the results roll in slowly.

Shaneel Lal can’t vote in this election, but watches with a friend as the left-leaning parties take the majority lead on New Zealand’s election night.

Savannah Skyler attends a National Coming Out day event and offers advice to other queer youth as she shares her own coming out story.

In Belgium, Anuna de Wever is arrested during a climate action at the Royal Palace of Brussels.

I served as Associate Producer for this entire series. Watch more episodes here on my site or visit the playlist on the VICE Life channel: